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Client-Centric Focus

At Professional Laboratory Services, we are dedicated to working diligently with an unwavering commitment to be the best and exceed the expectations of our clients. We understand the unique and ever-changing needs of our customers, so we always provide a tailored service that will best fit your needs. Through constantly improving our process using automation, we can ensure consistency, timely receipt, and increasingly efficient result turnaround for our customers.

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If you want to be the best, you must embrace the best in process, technology, equipment, and employees. At Professional Laboratory Services, our goal is to invest in these four pillars of our work to achieve precision, results, leadership, and bold, outperforming work.

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Culture-Driven Management and Strategy

Operational Excellence

We strive for operational excellence by putting the client, our employees, and community first. Through focusing on innovation, effective leadership, and strategic alignment, we are always working to improve our organization, making us more reliable and able to exceed your expectations. However, our commitment to clients truly starts with our employees. We seek to give our employees every tool they need to succeed, continually training and utilizing data analytics so that they can be the best for our customers.

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Quality and Compliance through Process

Focusing on our process and technology allows us to drive regulatory compliance by nature. This eliminates human error and inadvertent misreporting, allowing us to meet federal, state and local standards.

Congress passed the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) in 1988, establishing quality standards for all laboratory testing to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of patient test results, regardless of where the test was performed. The CLIA regulations are based on the complexity of the test method; thus, the more complicated the test, the more stringent the requirements. The State of Michigan requires any testing Laboratory hold an active CLIA license and abide by CLIA standards.

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